Furnace oil is a dark viscous residual product used as a fuel in different types of combustion equipment;it is a complex mix of hydrocarbons with carbon atoms ranging mainly from 20 to 55. It is produced by blending residues from various refineries processing units and diluting with middle distillates.

Furnace oil is one of our products that we export to different countries all over the world. The furnaces which are used mainly for heating or pre-heating a large quantity of metal are the main users.

Al Haya producing a large quantity of base oil by refining used oil in our waste treatment plant at Mesaieed, Qatar.

We have established ourselves as a well renowned name as Base Oil Exporter in the supply of excellent quality Base Oil. Technical innovations from over years of experience have resulted in this advanced optimum quality Base Oil. We export base oil to various countries.

Al Haya produces semi refined wax, which is obtained from petroleum products.

Al Haya offering wide range of Semi Refined Wax that is appreciated for having less oil content. Our organization has a name for Exporting a quality assured array of this semi refined wax.

We are one of the well-distinguished companies in the market that is into providing Semi Refined Wax.

Water Treatment Chemical (Atomix) :-
Atomix is a chemical powder which is mineral based flocculent easily encapsulates various contaminants in waste water including suspended solids, fluoride, oils and heavy metals.

Atomix is a mix of several specific naturally occurring composites that work together to bind the suspended solid particles in water and settle them out.

Atomix reacts with contaminants such as oil, grease and fluoride more effectively than other chemical treatments and separates them quicker from effluent: the process is simplified as the operation uses just the one additive thereby reducing overall operating cost.

Bioneer is a revolutionary automatic waste converter machine that has the potential to change how the world treats its organic waste. Just feed in your waste into Bioneer and extract the manure in just 24 hours. Bioneer's efficient conversion and ease of use makes it possible for millions such as you to make the environmentally and socially responsible choice of organic waste conversion.

Al Haya providing a new technology service for the domestic waste management and a cost-effective and efficient method for the treatment and processing of solid waste. Comprising of a mix of innovative, products processes and equipment, this systems are extremely effective for waste management of various capacities.

Organic waste Converter is for the treatment and processing of vegetable market waste, food waste, kitchen waste etc. This method helps the de-centralization of food waste disposal.

Sanitreat is a free flowing light brown powder. It is a non-hazardous mixture of mineral and herbal components that control the putrefaction process of organic waste materials. It retards the formation of toxic leachates and gases which results in the rapid control of odors.

Make organic garbage and waste stink free in just a few minutes with Sanitreat. A product into Waste Management, Sanitreat is a herbal and mineral mixture that is a non-toxic and environmentally safe way to sanitization. It is highly effective over both segregated and desegregated organic waste.

Bioculum is a mixture of micro organism cultures that accelerate the aerobic composting of bio degradable organic waste. It also treats the waste and makes it free from pathogens, foul smells and weed seeds.

Bioculum is a key input in the Organic Waste Converter (Bioneer) process and consists of cultures of naturally occurring bacteria, fungi and actinomycitis along with enzymes. These facilitate the rapid conversion of organic waste into bio stabilized compost. It is free from any toxic or hazardous components. It preserves the vital nutrients and organic matter in the waste.

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